People tend to invest their time more towards their daily routine which has no productivity or monetary benefit. For example, an average household in the US watches TV eight hours a day, as reported by Nielson. Now imagine the same amount of time being invested somewhere that also becomes beneficial for you in return. You can have a fully functional and rewarding career from home, if you willingly put in the time and effort in doing something that is economically rewarding. There are two more things that will be required, which are ambition and some dedication.

Here is a list of the businesses that can be started for as low as $1000 or even less:

Freelance Writing Gigs

In order to start a freelance writing business, all you need is a good sense of writing, a laptop, and an account or platform like Upwork or the very famous Freelancer. If you have a degree in Journalism or Literature, it can contribute towards your writing expertise, but it will not be a prerequisite for you to get started with. Good command on the language is all that really counts and the willingness and undying dedication of finding relevant jobs or projects. Topics related to news and journalism may turn out to be harder, comparatively.

However, you can always have variation in terms of the projects you come across. If you are not sure of where to start from, writing a blog, articles, or even press releases can be a good stepping stone. Companies are always looking for quality content, so it should not even be hard for you to find the project you can easily complete.

Software Development

Being tech-savvy will pay off if you plan on going ahead with this particular idea. Creating a software program is one of the highly demanding business ideas among this list. If you have the required expertise you can even turn it into a full-fledged career. Having knowledge about the access of software architectural tools like GitHub or Sketch is a necessity. Speaking of software, another requirement to get this idea working is a computer system.

In order to have a better quality of processing, software experts usually go for iMacs, but that can be a big monetary investment other than the time and efforts which you will already be putting in. Through this tip, you can expect to get paid around $27.83 per hour on average.

Planning a Business

Being a newbie in the field of business has its own struggles and challenges. However, this is where you get to plan for a business you always wanted to do and get paid for just planning it out effectively. Business planner experts create a unique and thorough plan for small businesses.

These plans make sure that you appear rather professional and well-considerate about what you are aiming for. It helps you convey why investing in your project will be a good choice.

Doing Graphic Design

Graphic design is a really vast field. It can include designs related to posters, logos, packaging, book layouts, or even billboards and more. Getting started with it requires good designing skills, but having a presentable and professional portfolio can give you an edge among the majority of people who opt for the field. Other than that, a client usually asks for the previous work done by the concerned person to have an idea about whether or not the person is right for the job.

The most common software that you need to be familiar with is Adobe Photoshop, but being skilled in Adobe InDesign or other software can be even more beneficial. Most advanced designers use a drawing board or a tablet to have a better command of the work.

Event Planning

Getting started with an event-planning business comprises of taking care of many things. You will be required to interact with the clients, choosing the relevant location for the event with respect to the theme, the catering organization, and most importantly managing the finances of the whole event.

Tech Support

A lot of small, and even big businesses require technical support, but it becomes quite challenging for companies to find reliable and skillful experts. Which can be used as an opportunity to start working on this. The important thing to look up to with this business plan is possessing the knowledge of cutting-edge systems and quick problem-solving skills.

The required assistance related to this business can be provided directly through phone or even Skype, if you cannot have a meeting in person.

There are a lot of opportunities available for women who are willing enough to invest their time in the right direction. Following any business plan from the list above is actually proven to be beneficial economically.