First impressions are known to last for a long period of time. This is why creating a good first impression is essential. The first step into creating a lasting killer first impression is to ensure that you step off the right foot. Getting off the wrong foot can spoil the image you are trying to pass across and can lead you down a downward spiral. To avoid ruining the first impression people have of you, check out these five easy ways of creating a killer first impression


Your appearance says a lot about you. As a professional woman, it is important that you dress to match your intentions. When people meet you for the first time, they take into account the ornamentation on you. Jewelleries, clothes, shoes, bags, purses, and make-up says a lot about the type of woman you are. Choose your ornaments wisely to suit the type of meeting you are having. If you are not sure of what to wear, get together a group of friends and ask for their advice on the matter. You don’t want to dress casually to a meeting with conservative people and neither will you want to be suited up to a meeting with a creative clothing agency.

Define Your Intention

You don’t want to show up at a meeting looking devoid of ideas in the first few minutes. However, this is a common problem as the situation could suddenly get overwhelming. Many a working woman has failed to make a killer first impression because they couldn’t pass across their intention and purpose across to the other party. Before any meeting, define your goals and set your intention. Be sure of what you want to achieve at the meeting and set about getting it done right from the first minute. Put into consideration the type of people you are meeting and how they could possibly react to you.

Body Language

Not all engagements are of a verbal type. In fact, half of your engagement with people at parties, dinners, and meetings will be non-verbal. A typical scenario is if you are getting introduced to people at the event. Most of your engagement with these people will likely be limited to a handshake and eye contact. If you are shaking a person, you don’t want to appear weak.

Ensure that your handshake is firm. However, do not overpower the person as no one expects an overpowering grip from a woman. Also, ensure that your hands are dry. Don’t shake with sweaty palms. In the moment of greeting, establish solid eye contact as a sign of acknowledgment. You can offer a nod and a possible smile to leave a lasting impression.


The first few minutes of meeting a new person are crucial to showing the person who you are. This is why it is important to plan what you are saying beforehand. Different forms of verbal communication are required for different people. Make a research on who you are meeting with. Learn how the person responds to verbal communication. Practice on what you will say during the meeting. You want to cement that impression you have created in their mind so, utilize your verbal communication skills.

A great communication trick that is useful for professional women is to maintain the conversation at a slow pace. Give room for the other party to respond to your statements and take your time before responding to their questions and inquiries. Avoid interrupting the other party in the middle of their statements as much as possible. If you are not sure you can handle the meeting, practice with a friend and polish up your communication skills in time.


Show interest in meeting people and be interesting during the meeting. If you have an air of disdain around you, people will mostly avoid you and you might find yourself not making the impression you wish. Approaching people with genuine interest is infectious and you will find out that they will respond with the same energy. If you are having a bad day, try to avoid meeting people as much as possible. If the meeting is important, try to lighten up your mood by watching funny videos or participating in fun events.

Completing the steps above perfectly will ensure that you create a killer first expression in the mind of the other party. This is a great ability to have if you work in women office where impressions are everything.